Thermokor Kft., Hungary’s largest cold storage, food industrial and hospital/clean room door manufacturing company, has been manufacturing and continuously developing special doors and windows for various industrial uses that conform to the requirements of the age for more than 20 years.  Our company manufactures several hundreds of products in a year for Hungarian and foreign markets, primarily for food industry and cold storage purposes, for shopping centres, warehouses, meat processing plants, but we also have an important role in producing hospital doors and windows.

We recommend our special doors for use in the pharmaceuticals industry and for other fields demanding the use of clean area technology. Our product range includes manually operated and automatic sliding (side-sliding or vertically opening), normally operated or swing doors satisfying any demands, PVC strip curtains, stainless steel covered air curtains, bedpan washing equipment and custom-built handrails, tables, shelves and other fittings made of non-corroding material.